Core Runtime for Emergency Response System Healthcare

Managed the development of core runtime for a life-critical, distributed 911 emergency response system currently in use around the world.

Distributed Circuit Diagnostic Testing Interface

Designed and developed unified front- and back-end platforms for testing of all Verizon circuits including Broadband (FiOS), Specials (DS1, DDS, Analog), Frame Relay, IP/VPN, and POTS. Worked closely with field and center technicians and management to define application features.

Distributed QoS Performance Monitoring & Display System

The performance monitoring system collects status measurements from thousands of nodes on the network; the aggregation of the measurements is used to ensure quality of service of the voice and data network. The system included real-time graphical table, chart, and navigation UIs to scale to thousands of data feeds. The system is was deployed at the backbone of Verizon’s Network Operation Centers across the US.