Anti-Money Laundering Financial Analysis Tool

IGEN built the platform for a regtech startup targeting anti money landing (AML) compliance cases. By creating structures around financial transactions in compliance cases, IGEN was able to speed up analysis and diagnoses of cases. Data visualizations further helped in making it easy for compliance analysts to pinpoint problems.

Portfolio Management Platform

Developed of a user interface component framework for portfolio management of prominent 401k company. Productized internal development project; shipped 3 major releases in one year; enforced rigorous build, release environment and culture. Designed API, developed SDK, and wrote Developer’s Cookbook to be used by 100+ developers.

Strategy-based Clearing Platform for Commodity Futures

Developed Clearing component for CME future and option trades via IM and Web. Defined platform architecture, extensible schema, distributed protocols, domain-specific language, and user experience for defining trading strategies for a FinTech startup. Developed subsystem to translate option trade strategy to trade leg structure definitions. 

FX Fund Visual Explorer

Developed Web UI for interactive, graphical display of global FX fund flow data.

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